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The Mental Arena
Performance training for esport athletes

My method will facilitate your performance.
Dedicated to evolve your esport skills.


Transitioning the esport 'Player' to an esport 'Athlete' is the way forward in todays competitive landscape.

This is why i created 'The Mental Arena' - a systematic, holistic and detailed process to evolve the next-gen esports hero.

Check out below the type of offerings we have for the esport player:

Image by Fausto Sandoval


Personal or Parental

Full professional support for emotional regulation, physical exercise and wellbeing

Image by Fausto Sandoval


Personal or team offer

Full professional suit for the starting gamer aiming to go pro

Image by Fausto Sandoval


Personal or team offer

Full professional suit for the Organization, Team or the Individual in an elite setting,



Ruvik "itsdeviaNz" Milkis
@TeamFinest Esports

Within a short period of time, we could see immediate results from working with Adi. 
I am thankful that Adi was a part of Team Finest's Progress!


Gilad "ALIVE" Hakim
@Excel Esports

Personally, I know that without Adi's help I couldn't really be a good and consistent player, because I wasn't aware at all of what it really takes to be a professional player.


Yotam Nachshon
@TeamFinest Esports

Our decision to work with Adi have proved itself right from the get go. We saw his dedication to the project, and most importantly, to the players. 


Peter "Spin" Bradford
Head Coach
@Mad Lions Esports

Adi's insights into development of a professional and cohesive team culture and working environment have helped me create those environments in my later teams leading us to a top 10 European ranking and back to back regional grand finals

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