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Psychologist (M.A.) in the field of sports and performance.

Accompanying adults and teenagers in the areas of self-confidence, improving work performance, stability and resilience in the face of performance anxiety, social anxiety, stress and poor moods.

A trainer for developing a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle. Provides a toolbox for dealing with life's challenges, finding meaning, agenda and organization.

Have a clinic focusing on working with athletes, businessmen and electronic sports players (gaming/computer games).

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M.A. Performance Psychology

Coleman institue, ISR

B.s.c Cognitive Psycohlogy

University of Essex, UK

Game design and development diploma

Shenkar college of engeneering

Organizational Consultant diploma

Bar-Ilan University

Group dynamics instructor diploma

Bar-Ilan University

Adjunct Professor of Sport Psychology

Shenkar college of engeneering

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